Mora over the line?

Mora over the line?

In an eight-week stretch, Jim Mora's team has lost its way, and he has lost his temper.

In his debut as the Falcons' head coach last season, Mora showed that does an excellent job when his team starts 4-0 and wraps up a home playoff game in Week 14. He can lead the pack with the best of 'em.

Give him five losses in the seven games that follow his team's bye week, and you have Bobby Knight playing musical chairs.

It was embarrassing enough Saturday that Mora couldn't face a fair question during a postgame interview when asked to explain why the Falcons punted on fourth-and-2 with 1:08 remaining in overtime.

But the scene turned ugly when Mora tossed his headset to the ground, threw his microphone and spewed expletives that Dave Archer, the flagship radio analyst who asked the audacious question from his booth above the field, should be thrown off the team charter.

Why pour fuel on the fire? Throwing tantrums is no way to gain respect, much less maintain decorum, as a leader of men.

Mora's rude behavior during the past two months -- the unnecessary disrespecting of former Atlanta linemen Jeff Van Note and Mike Kenn; the profanity-laced flare-up against referee Jeff Triplette on the Chicago sideline -- is ultimately regrettable.

Anyone who spends abundant time with Mora knows that he has more Skywalker inside him than Vader. Unfortunately, in a league so dominated by media perception, head coaches can't afford such flagrant abuses of power unless their teams win consistently. Recommended Stories

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